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Leon Russell, the master of space and time's journey through rock & roll history, Bill Janovitz

Leon Russell, the master of space and time's journey through rock & roll history, Bill Janovitz
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 562-564) and index
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Leon Russell
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Bill Janovitz
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the master of space and time's journey through rock & roll history
"Leon Russell is an icon, but somehow he is still an underappreciated artist. He is spoken of in tones reserved not just for the most talented musicians, but also for the most complex and fascinating. His career is like a roadmap of music history, often intersecting with rock royalty like Bob Dylan, the Stones, and the Beatles. He started in the fifties as a teenager touring with Jerry Lee Lewis, going on to play piano on records by such giants as Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, and Phil Spector, and on hundreds of classic songs with major recording artists. Leon was Elton John's idol, and Elton inducted him into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2011. Leon also gets credit for altering Willie Nelson's career, giving us the long-haired, pot-friendly Willie we all know and love today. In his prime, Leon filled stadiums on solo tours, and was an organizer/performer on both Joe Cocker's revolutionary Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour and George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh. Leon also founded Shelter Records in 1969 with producer Denny Cordell, discovering and releasing the debut albums of Tom Petty, the Gap Band, Phoebe Snow, and J.J. Cale. Leon always assembled wildly diverse bands and performances, fostering creative and free atmospheres for musicians to live and work together. He brazenly challenged musical and social barriers. However, Russell also struggled with his demons, including substance abuse, severe depression, and a crippling stage fright that wreaked havoc on his psyche over the long haul and at times seemed to will himself into obscurity. Now, Bill Janovitz, acclaimed author and founding member of Buffalo Tom, shines the spotlight on one of the most important music makers of the twentieth century." --Book jacket
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Preface -- Killer education -- Okies -- Tulsa time -- Oklahoma's Lonesome Cowboys are turned on in Tinseltown -- The wall of sound -- Playboys, Beach Boys, and Byrds -- High on Skyhill Drive -- Asylum choir -- Accept no substitute -- Hello little friend -- A song for you -- Shelter in place -- Meet the Mad Dogs & Englishmen -- Learning to live together -- I'm coming home -- Shelter people -- On the road to Bangladesh -- Going back to Tulsa -- Carney -- Leon's live -- Hank Wilson's back -- Factions -- Stop all that jazz -- Will o' the wisp -- Don't fly away -- Wedding album -- Paradise in Burbank -- Paradise lost -- Life and love -- One more love song -- On the borderline -- Back on the road . . . to obscurity -- Going down -- Anything can happen -- Just a face in the crowd -- I'm broke. My wife and kids are rich -- The union -- Hall of Fame -- Life journey -- Putting the top hat back on -- In a place where there's no space or time
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