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Batman Arkham

Batman Arkham
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Batman Arkham
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comics graphic novels
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Batman DC Comics
"Delve deeper into the madness of Gotham City in this anthology about Talia al Ghul, Daughter of the Demon. Brilliant. Beautiful. Brutal. Heir to the bloody throne of her father, Ra's al Ghul, Talia al Ghul is all of these things and more. Now the most memorable adventures of the criminal mastermind have been collected in a single volume. Uncover the origin of one of the Dark Knight's fiercest enemies--and deadliest allies. Discover the roots of their star-crossed love-hate relationship. Witness the shocking fate of their son, Damian Wayne, a.k.a. Robin. And find out why she's one of the greatest members of Batman's legendary rogues gallery! This volume continues the series of anthologies dedicated to the Caped Crusader's iconic villains. -- adapted from summary on book
Table Of Contents
Into the den of the death-dealers / writer, Dennis O'Neil ; penciller, Bob Brown -- Daughter of the demon / writer, Dennis O'Neil ; penciller, Neal Adams -- Profile: Talia al Ghul / artist, Jerry Bingham -- Son of the demon / writer, Mike W. Barr ; artist, Jerry Bingham -- The most suitable person / writer, Greg Rucka ; penciller, Dale Eaglesham -- Death and the maidens, chapter nine / writer, Greg Rucka ; artist, Klaus Janson -- Profile: Daughters of the demon / writer, Andersen Gabrych ; artist, Marcos Martin -- The lost days, prologue: the first step / writer, Judd Winick ; artist, Pablo Raimondi -- Batman and son, part 2: Man-bats of London / writer, Grant Morrison ; penciller, Andy Kubert -- Batman vs. Robin, part 3: Mexican train / writer, Grant Morrison ; pencillers, Andy Clarke, Dustin Nguyen, Scott Hanna -- Eye of the Gorgon / writer, Grant Morrison ; artist, Chris Burnham -- The Dark Knight and the devil's daughter / writer, Grant Morrison ; artist, Chris Burnham -- The rules of engagement, parts 2 and 3 / writer, Tom King ; artist, Joëlle Jones
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